Marcus Hiles Discusses Cellulose Insulation Benefits For Renters


Marcus Hiles Discusses Native Flaura And Fauna Common In Texas
Marcus Hiles Discusses Native Flaura And Fauna Common In Texas

Across Marcus Hiles’ 15,000 luxury rentals throughout Texas, cellulose sound insulation allows tenants to have their own hideaway from the outside world. While the properties reflect the developer’s dream of community-centric living, including shared recreation centers and championship golf courses, Hiles takes into consideration the need for residents’ personal home life—one with no audible distractions from the rest of the neighborhood. Full depth cellulose is exceptionally effective in its mission to curb unwanted sound. While most insulation provides some noise muffling by inhibiting sound from moving through walls and between floors, dense packing cellulose minimizes volumes by limiting the passage of sound among cavities in a building’s structure. Notes the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, cellulose insulation products have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating ranging upwards of .80 or higher, meaning that 80% or more of the sound with which it comes into contact is absorbed. About three times more dense than standard fiberglass, this insulation provides a drastic improvement over the other most common type of home insulation.

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